Private Lumps & Bumps Ultrasound

Lumps and Bumps Ultrasound or Soft Tissue Ultrasound is a painless and non-invasive exam that can help you identify the underlying cause of your lump or bump before they progress.

Performed by Specialist Doctors who provides you with a uniquely tailored assessment that will help identify concerns early. Gain peace of mind with Same-Day Results & feel confident in the care you receive.

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Lumps & Bumps

Your Ultrasound Checks For

  • Benign Lumps

  • Sinister Lumps

  • Cysts

  • Hematoma

  • Ganglions

  • Nerve Tumours

  • Vascular Tumors

  • Abnormalities

  • Causes of Concern

All Fees Inclusive

What's Included


One-to-One Specialist Doctor Appointment

Feel confident in the care you receive. Our specialists can interpret your scan and provide comprehensive advice if necessary.


No Referral Required

You do not require a referral before booking an appointment with our clinic — giving you back complete control of your health.


Same-Day Results

We aim to provide results to you on the day of your visit. Our specialists will explain their findings during your ultrasound examination.


Full Digital Report

Following your appointment, a complete digital report of your Ultrasound examination will be emailed to you directly and securely.


High-Res Digital Images

In addition to the report, images of your scan will be sent for you to share with a healthcare specialist of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Registered & Regulated

Our team are fully registered and regulated for practice in the United Kingdom. Our patients should expect nothing less. 


Meet Our

Team of Specialists

The team at Harley Street Ultrasound Group is made up of Specialist Consultants and Specialist Sonographers you can rely upon. They are among the best in the industry.

This is backed up with a full range of qualifications and accreditations. All of our specialists are fully registered with all applicable medical regulatory bodies.


Dr Sophie Pattison


Dr Sophie Pattison is a Consultant Radiologist at University College London. her specialist expertise include breast imaging Ultrasound, CT and MRI and stereotactic breast related procedures

Dr Sophie Pattison is a Consultant Radiologist  She has an NHS practice at University College London Hospital.

Dr Pattison trained in medicine at Bristol University. She undertook surgical training which included a period of breast surgery and obtained Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons in 2001.

She then became a lecturer in patient safety and subsequently undertook specialist radiological training at University College London Hospital. She was appointed as a Consultant Radiologist in 2014.

Dr Pattison is the joint lead for breast radiology at University College London Hospital and is also joint lead for quality and safety in the radiology department. She also undertakes breast screening radiology at North London Breast Screening Service.

She undertakes all aspects of breast imaging including Mammography, Ultrasound, MRI and CT diagnostics. She performs all ultrasound and stereotactic breast related procedures including vacuum excision.


Dr Ahmed Shah


Dr Ahmed Shah is a Consultant Breast and General Radiologist, offering a wide range of ultrasound scans and procedures at 99 Harley Street. Dr Shah completed a Bachelors Degree in Molecular Pharmacology at Kings College London in 2005, before entering medical training at Barts and The London Medical School. He completed junior doctor rotations throughout North and East London before entering clinical radiology training in Leicester, a highly coveted radiology training program. He became a Fellow of the Royal College of Radiologists in 2019 and was appointed Consultant Radiologist at Frimley Health NHS Trust in 2020. He is a specialist in breast and oncology imaging, and is also a screening specialist in the NHS Breast Screening Programme, based at the prestigious Parapet Breast Clinic, Windsor. This means Dr Shah reads a very high volume of mammograms annually, and is involved in complex and challenging patient cases.

In addition to expert imaging for benign and malignant breast disease (including biopsies and cyst aspirations), Dr Shah offers general ultrasound of the abdomen, scrotum, lumps and bumps, deep veins and other general scans. Our patients often comment on Dr Shah’s excellent communication skills, ability to translate complex knowledge and findings into easily understandable and digestible information, excellent bedside manner and holistic approach to caring for his patients. His reviews speak for themselves.

Aside from the practice of radiology, Dr Shah has a keen interest in artificial intelligence and its ability to benefit patient care. He is part of a national research consortium evaluating artificial intelligence in breast ultrasound, with a view to reducing unnecessary biopsies, currently applying for national implementation funding from NIHR.

Dr Shah is Senior Clinical Lecturer in Radiology at Brunel Medical School, and is the undergraduate lead for Radiology and MSK medicine at Wexham Park Hospital. He is also actively involved in the training of Radiology registrars at his NHS trust. He is the lead for radiology discrepancies and learning (REALM) at his NHS site, an important radiology department governance role. Dr Shah has a wonderful wife and two young children, who keep him on his toes outside of work. He enjoys gardening, DIY, football and travelling.


Ms Heba Alkutbi

BSc, PGc

Heba Alkutbi ( BSc PGc ) a senior sonographer with over 17 years scanning experience .

Heba completed her BSc in Diagnostic Radiography at St Georges Medical School in 2004. She went on to specialise in Medical Ultrasound and completed her PGc training at City University in 2007. Heba has extensive experience in both obstetrics and gynaecology ultrasound. She has also trained many midwives, radiographers and doctors and was the lead clinical supervisor and deputy Ultrasound Services Manager at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust in London.

Heba is accredited by the Fetal Medicine Foundation to undertake fetal Nuchal Translucency scans to screen for chromosomal abnormalities such as Down, Edward and Patau’s Syndromes. She also undertakes all types of obstetric scanning including early pregnancy, dating, anomaly, Fetal Doppler studies, fetal well being scans and 3D/4D scans. As well as Obstetrics, Heba has a keen interest in gyanecology ultrasound and has worked closely with many world-renowned Gynaecologist. She has extensive experience in using ultrasound to screen for gynaecology cancers.

Heba is registered with the Health Care Professional Council and a member of the British Medical Ultrasound Society (BMUS) and the International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (ISUOG).


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At your fingertips

We can provide scan images directly to your smartphone, often on the same day following your appointment. Gain the peace of mind and insight you need, without delay.


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Share with
your Doctor


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The Harley Street Experience

We aim to provide the very best experience possible to all of our patients and visitors, and this covers every aspect of our services — from our specialists to our technology and of course to our clinic itself.

When you visit us, you will find our clinic to be a clean, comfortable and reassuring environment. We also maintain a high standard of Covid-19 best practices, ensuring maximum safety at all times.



What Our Patients Say About Their Experience

We are committed to providing a high standard of care to our patients. Take a look at some of the incredible responses we have received.

I had the 20 week anomaly scan with Dr Heba and I can't recommend her, or this clinic enough! The nurse who welcomed us was so friendly and reassuring (I was very nervous!). Dr Heba was so thorough, so knowledgable and she talked us through the whole scan. She got some great photos and videos too which were sent to us following the scan. We had our NHS scan a couple of weeks later, they do the best they can with limited funds and resources it was a totally different experience. We are so so glad we also had the private scan and would spend the money again no question!!

20 February 2024

I found this clinic online after finding a small lump that I was concerned about! The booking was super easy and I was lucky to get an appointment really quickly! When I arrived, I was greeted and taken to the waiting room. I was the called in for the appointment and the lady was so lovely and chatty while I was getting ready to be seen by the doctor! I saw the doctor who gave me a through check and explained what he was doing the whole process! He made me feel so at ease and comfortable throughout! I left feeling super confident in the service I had had and also really reassured! I would recommend anyone to visit here!

10 February 2024

I had to cancel and reschedule my appointment the clinic were absolutely brilliant and re booked me at no extra charge. When I arrived they were kind, efficient, and above all knowledgeable and professional. I was given the results as they conducted the scan and received them in writing with the scan pictures before I got home. If I had had to endure bad news I felt I was in capable yet compassionate hands. I will be back and thank you.

05 February 2024


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At the HSUG, our specialist team delivers private ultrasound scans designed to give you the insight and peace of mind you need. We are the experts when it comes to ultrasonic diagnosis and treatment, and we have a strong track record of providing reassurance to our patients when they need it most.

You’ll find us on Harley Street in London — a convenient location with a rich history of medical excellence. Our team is committed to continuing that history with our own set of expert services.

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