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Paediatric Ultrasound

Scan Services

Paediatric Ultrasound Services performed by Specialist Doctors who will provide your child with a Tailored Assessment that will help you identify concerns early.

Gain peace of mind with Same-Day Results & feel confident in the care you receive.

Starting from £350

Starting from £350

5-star service rating from satisfied customer


5-star service rating from satisfied customer


Paediatric Ultrasound

Scans We Offer

Registered & Regulated

Our team are fully registered and regulated for practice in the United Kingdom. Our patients should expect nothing less. 


Meet Our

Team of Specialists

The team at Harley Street Ultrasound Group is made up of Specialist Consultant Doctors you can rely upon. They are among the best in their field.

This is backed up with a full range of qualifications, accreditations and experience. All of our specialists are fully registered with all applicable medical regulatory bodies.

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Dr Tahir Hussain


Dr Hussain is a Consultant Radiologist at Barts & The Royal London Hospital his specialist expertise include radionuclide, oncological and general radiology imaging.


Dr Trevor Gaunt

BSc (Hons), MBBS, FRCR

Dr Trevor Gaunt is a Consultant Paediatric Radiologist at University College London Hospitals.


Dr Sangoh Lee


Dr Lee is a consultant musculoskeletal and trauma radiologist at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.

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What Our Patients Say About Their Experience

We are committed to providing a high standard of care to our patients. Take a look at some of the incredible responses we have received.

Clear and easy service, punctual & knowledgeable. Answered all questions i had.

03 January 2024

Really happy with the doctor that attended me. Highly recommended.

08 April 2024

Really great care from everyone I interacted with. Warm, welcoming, and informative.

22 February 2024

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Safe Hands

Our expert doctors will be happy to discuss the results of the ultrasound scan on the same day and will be able to discuss further options and if required, suggest referral to a local Paediatric Unit, so that your child may be seen as soon as possible.

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Refer Your Patient

Refer Your Patient

Referring clinicians can rely on our convenient, high quality imaging services to provide efficient and accurate ultrasound scans for their patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? See our Q&A page for more help and assistance on how we can help you to provide the clarity you need for your health.


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At the HSUG, our specialist team delivers private ultrasound scans designed to give you the insight and peace of mind you need. We are the experts when it comes to ultrasonic diagnosis and treatment, and we have a strong track record of providing reassurance to our patients when they need it most.

You’ll find us on Harley Street in London — a convenient location with a rich history of medical excellence. Our team is committed to continuing that history with our own set of expert services.

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